What is Mentor Assisted Power Planning?

Posted by Joe Rojas on Mar 11, 2019 12:22:45 AM
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“The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people.”

– John C. Maxwell

Mentor Assisted Power Planning (MAPP) is a methodology to organize, plan and run your business. The members of Red Sapiens are all successful business owners or entrepreneurs that have one thing in common: mentorship.

They have discovered something that made the biggest difference in running and growing their business, and that is, having mentors to guide them through the implementation of different parts of their strategies, methodologies, plans and processes.

We have found that by having a mentor(s), you can enhance any process, giving you exponential results in a condensed time frame. If you have been in a sports team, a military unit, a school or any other leadership activity where you had a teacher, coach or mentor (or conversely, if you were ever one to others), you have probably had this experience yourself. 

If you look back, it was probably one of the best times of your life: you were at peak performance in whatever you were doing. The reason for this is simple: when you have a mentor, they have probably experienced what you are going through now.

Mentors see things that you cannot see, and  think in ways that you are not able to yet.

This is what brings tremendous amounts of value to you and your life. Having, following, and working with a mentor, or mentors, will always help you grow and stretch in ways you could not imagine.

As I look through my own life experiences, I can see that I’ve had all types of mentors. One of my first was Napoleon Hill. I remember being 17 and reading his book “Think and Grow Rich”, and saying to myself:

“This is the person I want to mentor me.”

So, I spent the next year reading about him and learning everything I could from his books.

Your mentor does not always need to be a live person; your mentor (or group of mentors) can come in various forms, including a book, video or course. You just have to be open to being mentored.

Of course, we are not saying you should not have live mentors; on the contrary, we believe you should have as many as necessary in the areas that you’re working on. What we’re saying is that mentorship comes in many different shapes and forms.

We want you to think of the Red Sapiens team as your own personal set of advisors. 


And now, let’s dig in: what exactly is Mentor Assisted Power Planning?

It is, as mentioned before, a methodology that has seven tools to run your business. Each key aspect is listed below:




This tool is the Core Values, Vision, and Mission that guide your company’s decisions. A majority of your life decisions were guided by the values you learned from your parents, teachers and mentors. As the “parent” of your business, you must instill the core values that nurture its culture and moral compass. As it grows, these values will guide your organization along the path to make the decisions it needs to stay on top of its game. We will guide you to your company’s Path.


Who are the people who support your business? This is often the biggest disconnect
for entrepreneurs. The Team (w)Most of us have the attitude that, “It’s me against the world.” This keeps us from seeing the people who are ready and willing to help. There’s your banker, who knows all your local potential clients. There’s your spouse or partner, who’s ready to provide some mental clarity when you get stuck. There are accountants, lawyers, vendors, most importantly clients, and many others. We will show you how to leverage these relationships to produce positive results for all involved. 


What data do you use to make decisions and improve? Initial assessments reveal The Data (w)
that most small companies do not track their data. They aren’t clear on their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and they don’t benchmark their progress against industry best practices. In this book, we will work with you to help identify the data and information you need to grow your business.


Do you have a written process for hiring new employees, or a procedure for The Systems (w)reviewing financial statements each quarter? Here you will take all your data and create processes around it. With this tool, you will create your work flows, employee manuals, policies and procedures for working more efficiently. You will create systems to use the data required to run your business.


What technology makes your job easier and what just gets in the way? You will lookThe Tech (w) at all the systems you have created for your business and reverse-engineer a solution in collaboration with your technology partner/vendor. You will produce results that save you time, money and unnecessary work.


What is getting in your way, and how do we deal with it? This system will help you The Hurdles (w)
clarify, explore and resolve any issues or hurdles that are stopping you from moving forward and reaching your goals. These hurdles may be logistical, a lack of knowledge, or a mental block that you can’t get around alone. You will move hurdles out of your way, so you can move forward and run your business.


People within an organization can be excellent mentors for other employees. They Artboard 34 invaluable tools for professional and corporate growth. The best way to succeed is with advice from someone who is already a success. The MAPP Model will help you create a culture of mentoring as well as, finding and keeping great mentors for yourself as you grow your business.

This completes the cycle and puts you on your way to your first or next million.

Are you ready to get started?  

I'd like to learn more.

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